Filip Pomykalo

Portrait of Made in Arts London Filip PomykaloFilip Pomykalo

MA Graphic Media Design, London College of Communication 2016

Inspired by the everyday and the simple life, Filip's intention through his work is to create an image as simple as possible to internally convey his thoughts and feelings.

With a long term love of print, Filip enjoys the wide ranging possibilities for experimentation, and the knowledge that each artwork will have its own unique anomalies and will never be able to be perfectly repeated. These processes allow him to grow, as the accidents and imperfections constantly produce new revelations, making the act of creating the work almost more important than the outcome.

Ultimately Filip hopes that his audience will appreciate the simple aesthetic of his illustrations and will recognise themselves and their own thoughts in his creations.


Awards and Nominations:

Silver Bra: Cut Out & Keep 2013; Young Hope of the Year 2012

“I believe that a lot of my inspiration also comes from the daily randomness and the seemingly banal, which when conveyed on a paper works as a kind of diary.”

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