Fiona Masterton

Portrait of Made in Arts London Fiona MastertonFiona Masterton

BA Painting, Wimbledon College of Art 2014

Fiona’s practice explores the relationship between painting and photography, the authorial and the mechanical, reality and the imagination. Her digital collages and photographs have been transferred onto oak blocks or cardboard and are deliberately fragmented and disjointed to allow the surface of the base to show through. The cracks, holes and abrasions within the images encourage the viewer to touch the work, to feel the surface as if they were as one with it. These pieces aim to explore a sense of moment and place.

Fiona’s work has a sense of intimacy and recognition – that you may have stood in places and times just like these, soaking in the moment, experiencing the cacophony of touch, sound, sight, history and the elements around them.


Awards and Nominations:

Saatchi New Sensations 2014 (long-listed), National Open Art 2014 (long-listed), Signature Art Prize 2015 (long-listed), A&N Degree Show Guide 2014, Cass Art Materials Bursary 2015.

“The mind can do marvellous things and is constantly changing and adapting to whatever tools we use and how we utilise them. Whether we are using traditional methods such as painting and drawing or use modern technology to create art, it’s all the same to me in the end.”

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