Francesca Kopanycia-Reynolds

Francesca Kopanycia-ReynoldsFrancesca Kopanycia-Reynolds

BA (Hons) Photography - London College of Communication, 2021

Francesca Kopanycia-Reynolds, also known as Frescy is a photographer based on the south coast of the UK.

Francesca has been studying in London the past three years and has progressed in her creative pathway, gaining contacts and bouncing ideas and thoughts off other creative individuals. This includes working together on both collaborative and individual projects throughout her practice.

Francesca's photographic practice is drawn to human interactions and their environment, engaging with stories, communities, and everyday life based around personal relationships and interests. The work is presented in book format where careful consideration is given to images within the design context, resulting in unique publications reflecting the stories held within them. This allows an engagement with both text and image, providing readers with an increased understanding of the topic concerned.

Alongside photography the artist has an interest in food, travel, swimming, bouldering and meeting new people, all of which they do in their free time.


Awards and residencies:

PHMuseum competition

Instagram: @frescyphoto


"I love the use of imagery where there is an honest representation of what was going on in that specific moment in time. My photography is a way of allowing others to experience certain activities or thoughts through visual representation, encouraging the use of certain mindsets of readers. "



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