Francesco Poiana

Francesco PoianaFrancesco Poiana

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2019

Francesco's work is inspired by Marxist theorist Guy Debord's concept of psychogeography. Inspired by the French nineteenth century poet and writer Charles Baudelaire’s concept of the flâneur, Debord suggested playful and inventive ways of navigating the urban environment in order to examine its architecture and spaces. Francesco has interpreted and developed these theories by exploring the undecided spaces of the contemporary city, specifically the borders between the countryside and the urban.

Travelling a reversed Grand Tour, Francesco started in the ancient ruins of Rome and made his way to London's unrbanspaces, producing a series of paintings on wood along the way. The result is a transcription of landscapes which lack identity, unrecognisable spots from the city and surroundings, the daily reality that escapes from our attention, the built city’s negative, the interstitial and the marginal, spaces abandoned or in the process of transformation.

Awards and residencies:

Jackson's Art Prize, Shortlisted, 2018; Inchiostro Festival Young Prize, Italy, Winner, 2014


"If we stop to look at the landscape as a human activity we can see an impressive amount of undecided spaces,"



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