Francis Wu

Francis WuFrancis Wu

FdA Graphic Design, Camberwell College of Arts 2018

Francis' work focuses on the London Drag scene, drawing particular influence from one Drag Queen, who she describes as her muse. Francis hopes that she can express the charm and flamboyance of the Drag community through her bold and colourful illustrations.

The title for Francis' work, HEDRA, comes from the word polyhedron, a person with many faces. This draws on the physical presentation of a Drag Queens many faces, both when in Drag and not, but also on a wider level the way that people in general will face the world differently depending on the emotional or physical environment they are placed in. HEDRA is also a play on words as a compounding of the two words "he" and "drag".

 Working mainly in printing techniques, but also applying drawing techniques, Francis feels that she has reached a point in her work where she is confident in her representation of the human form. However, as she continues to explore her subject matter and develop her technique she aims to be able to pursue more abstractive and destortive styles in order to produce more meaningful images.


"I hope the image I drew can offer audiences a alive, vivid, weird, but still beautiful and sexy impression."



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