Frederic Anderson

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Frederic AndersonFrederic Anderson

MFA Fine Art, Wimbeldon College of Arts 2017

Frederic works exclusively from direct observation, usually in charcoal, pencil or ink on paper. Drawing affords him the immediacy he needs to quickly grasp fleeting relationships of mood, colour, shape, tone, weight, space, vibration, presence, light and dark. He works in series, building layered composite images of a single subject seen from multiple viewpoints.

In order to make the connection between subject and drawing as direct as possible, Frederic uses blind drawing techniques – not looking at the page as he work. As he draws, his eye is constantly moving across the subject, as he lean closer in, backs away, peer round the sides. This leads to his experience of a static object becoming a dynamic one, constantly shifting and changing.

This working practice places the subject in an awkward position. It is at once central to and yet also secondary to the act of observation. It acts as a conduit in the description and modulation of pictorial space – disassembled and reconfigured during the process – whose single most striking feature is its very existence. Ultimately it serves as a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, facilitating a record of a transient past moment, a residue of vision.

The finished drawings inhabit the space between figuration and abstraction, between how we believe things to be and how they actually appear – the space in which, under persistent observation, things begin to fall apart.



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