Fredrik Andersson

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Fredrik AnderssonFredrik Andersson

BA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

MiAL is very lucky to have Fredrik, he had initially planned to study Illustration in Sweden but luckily for us he came on holiday to London and just loved the place. Finding the city to be full of inspiration and places  he'd never seen before, he actually stumbled upon Camberwell when out walking with a friend. He asked around and only heard good things about it and so here he is today.

Fredrik loves working with his hands, finding screen-printing to have a slick feel that is able to recreate his line work in perfect detail and still manage to create small differences in every piece that makes them special in their own way; something you lose when using a digital printer.

His series 'Infinite Beard' is his way of showing his appreciation for the handsome men of London and their amazing beards, as well as a maybe a little bit of his obsession with his own! He is currently writing a comic book on LGBT prejudice based on his on experiences of coming out in a small town in the north of Sweden.



"I love telling stories through my work so narrative and visual storytelling is something that I will focus on heavily during my time at UAL. I want to show people other sides of life that they usually don’t think about. Encouraging them to a better way of understanding other people’s differences."



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