Fru Kenworthy-Browne

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Fru Kenworthy-BrowneFru Kenworthy-Browne

BA Graphic & Media Design, London College of Communication 2013

Rather than hide their origins as matchbook covers, Fru wanted to reproduce them as identifiable pieces, jumbled up and reinvented. The vintage colours and degradation adds a richness of texture and tonality for each new cover, along with 1920s-40s fonts. Enlarging these through photography allows one to see much more detail than in their tiny original state, such as paper irregularities, stains, creases and colour bleed on the edges of lettering. All these elements enhance the beauty of unnoticed detail and obvious tattiness. The matchbook compositions cross over between design and fine art and cannot really be deciphered as one or the other

Fru’s work shows an appreciation of how the old can be beautiful reinvented as new and how imperfections can enhance a piece of work rather than detract from it. She finds delight in finding and rescuing unwanted objects and recognising potential in them; turning them into a collection before patiently deconstructing them and reassembling them in some way - like piecing together puzzles with no initial idea of the outcome.



“The whole process is massively time-consuming and entirely enjoyable. All the while I’m playing with colour, shapes and words. This analogue part of the process involves tactility and smell, an absorption into trial and error, and the final satisfaction of committing to sticking the pieces down.”

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