Gary Scott

Portrait of MiAL Gary ScottGary Scott

MA Art and Science, Central Saint Martins 2018

Gary see’s art as a journey. He works intuitively to express himself emotionally and explore his subconscious mind. Ultimately his aim is to produce work with which the viewer will feel a connection; to be drawn into it and to develop an emotional response of their own.

Gary loves to work with plaster as it allows spontaneity and for him to build in deeply textural surfaces; the ability to add language to the form. He then casts his sculptures in bronze with iron resin, which allows him to achieve the cool blue and green patinas with the warm orange coming through.

Gary's second collection of work with MiAL is comprised completely of painting, a recent discovery for him. He enjoys the immediacy and the ability for spontaneity in this new found medium, delighting in the use of colour and the textural qualities which echo his sculptural work.

The influences behind these compositions focus on the complexity of our reality and the way in which we hold our private anguish (our demons) inside our own heads. Gary has found paint incredibly expressive, making it brilliant for immediate engagement with the unconscious mind.

Awards and residencies:

‘Secret Art Prize’ Winners Show - Curious Duke Gallery, London (shortlisted) 2015, Mixed Media Sculpture Prize - Art Academy, London 2013, Threadneedle Prize, London (shortlisted) 2013


"I seek to express my emotional world and to probe what it is to be human..." 



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