Giada Giachino

Giada GiachinoGiada Giachino

MA Jewellery Design, Central Saint Martins 2016

Giada's work challenges traditional Italian jewellery In a field where designers are absent and often rejected by jewellery companies, her aim is to show that a new aesthetics can be reached through sustainable issues.

Giada's collection investigates traditional cameo and coral jewellery production industry processes, to understand whether sustainable approaches might be able to reframe them for a contemporary market place. Re-contextualizing materials both from the food and jewellery industry -such as lobster, mussels and shell ‘lips’-Per Inciso reimagines the coral and cameo aesthetic language, offering a vision for change.


"I would like my audience to question the value of my jewellery and the pieces of jewellery in the
marketplace. Are price and value always related?"



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