Giada Maestra

Giada Maestra Giada Maestra

MA Illustration - Camberwell College of Arts, 2021

Giada Maestra is a London based illustrator from Pordenone, Italy.

She received her education between Strasbourg, Paris and Venice, where she studied Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts at IUAV. Currently MA Illustration student at Camberwell College of Arts, University of The Arts London.

Her work involves everyday life scenes and details that often go unnoticed. She likes to draw people and places encountered along her way, through observational sketches. 

“I feel a deep interest in people I meet on the road, even if just for a second, for a sight. There is something about their body language, the way they walk or stand, the way they look at me or at the city, that makes me fantasize. This is why street photography and portraits are essential to me as it is living in a big city like London, where I find inspirations in every corner”.

Body acceptance is the main topic when she represents women.

“The female body and our relationship to it are issues that are dear to me as a woman. I usually prefer to deal with topics that me and people close to me have experienced firsthand, and with a pinch of irony”.

She works on private commissions together with magazines and non-profit organizations.


Instagram: @giadamaestra

Facebook: @GiadaMaestraIllustrator

Twitter: @GiadaMaestra


"I truly hope they can see themselves in what I draw and that my illustrations could make them smile."



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