Hansika Jethnani

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Hansika JethnaniHansika Jethnani

BA Photography, London College of Communication 2016

Evanesce is a series exploring the metaphysical qualities of our life source on earth – water. Created solely through camera-less techniques these chemigrams are an attempt at exploring an element that has existed before any creature on this planet has.

For part of this series Hansika let the four elements (water, earth, fire and air) control the Polaroid’s that she photographed. It is not the photograph itself that is the crux of this project, but the act of the elements destroying or creating the piece and giving it its own life.  The elements are an ontological approach to Hansika’s comprehension of existence.

Using the notion of abstraction Hansika attempts to re-examine an aspect of existence, while experimenting with form and materiality of the elements. Each image is a self-portrait, which is no longer distinguishable. By destroying the original content of the photograph Hansika seeks to question the entire nature of existence.

Hansika hopes that her works makes people realize how minuscule we are in comparison to the universe. A lot of Hansika’s work is about letting go; letting the elements take over and letting what is meant to be created, create itself. She sees herself as merely a mediator between the artwork and the elements.


Awards and residencies:

Shortlisted for MiAL and Metro Mentorship Award 2015.


“I'm interested in what one cannot necessarily always see but exists and impacts our existence significantly, also the idea of energy and that it exists in everything around us, that the elements carry the energy of the universe.”


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