Henry Glover

Henry GloverHenry Glover

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting – Wimbledon College of Arts, 2020

Henry is a painter and sculptor focusing on the physical elements of relationships. The idea of the ‘embrace’ is a recurring motif in his work. The embrace is explored in many forms. Boxers grappling (clinching), hands squeezing a pillow, and ceramic human forms locked together are all examples of how he deals with touch and intimacy. Henry’s process is an endless cycle of drawing, sculpting, and painting feeding back into each other, which explains his fluidity between materials. Darting between figurative and the abstract elements, Henry creates an awkward unrest where the ambiguity of the subject and the style unsettles the viewer.

Ultimately, Henry’s work focuses on the pure emotions and sensations of both the materials with which he engages and his own personal relationships.

Awards and residencies:

Group exhibitions at the Nunnery Gallery, the Crypt Gallery, and various UAL exhibition spaces; Elephant x ColArts summer residency in collaboration with Emma Morgan.

Instagram: @hgglover


"I hope to make work that deals with intimacy and touch, focusing on the pure emotions and sensations felt at times where we are at our most private. I also hope to also demonstrate the fluidity between painting and sculpture, as it is important to me that ceramics are revered with equal significance to painting."



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