Isabelle Laight

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Isabelle LaightIsabelle Laight

BA Fashion Textiles, London College of Fashion 2014

Isabelle’s work is heavily influenced by hip-hop culture, it aims to be playful and not to be taken too seriously. Her pieces create a juxtaposition with traditional embroidery techniques and hip-hop. Isabelle wants people to enjoy each carefully handmade piece, put together to create a beautiful design.

Each of Isabelle’s pieces plays with the idea of ideology behind influential hip-hop artists. Through her embroideries she captures the dedication people have when listening to this style of music and being involved with the culture.

Isabelle is inspired by illustrators and designers alike, in particular Laura Callaghan an illustrator whose work looks at on trend and current subjects and Kate Jenkins an artist who creates playful crochet art.

Through her work, Isabelle hopes that people start to think about embroidery in a new way, she’d like people to think about embroidery and illustration as a different way of capturing a memory or moment in place of a photograph. Whereas many people rely on digital photography, Isabelle’s work captures moments through drawings and pain staking sewing.



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