Isabelle Mattern

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Isabelle MatternIsabelle Mattern

BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2014

Isabelle began her studies in Paris at the Ecole de Communication Visuelle, at the same time she started to participate in short courses at Central Saint Martins and having enjoyed these immensely decided to transfer to CSM in order to challenge her practice and open her work up to new influences. Her projects aim to have an impact on how people go through everyday life and how it is possible to spend time with awareness and consciousness of the environment and people around them.

Through her journals Isabelle hopes that her audience and users can express themselves and make the pieces their own.The journals are a way for the users to express themselves and make it their own; they are supporters on a journey with a variation of stories to be told, drawn, read, expressed. Each of the set of journals is slightly different from the next, this versatility of the various textures, colours and choices are part of the reason that Isabelle enjoys creating them. The unexpected outcomes are all part of the fun.

"I want to continue integrating experimentation, concept and motivation into my projects that can have a small impact on people's lives and awareness."



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