Jaime Martínez López

Jaime Martínez LópezJaime Martínez López

BA Print and Time Based Media – Wimbledon College of Arts, 2021

Jaime is a multimedia artist who focuses specifically on the indescribable parts of the mind. Spiritual and philosophical ideas are always present in his work, and lead him to the creation of each piece; ideas and emotions are expressed through abstract form.

Philosophical currents as phenomenology are very important in Jaime’s work as he studies the structure of various types of experience: from perception, thought, memory, imagination, emotion, desire, and, volition to bodily awareness.

He would like to create a dialogue between the observer and the art piece in which the observer feels immersed in the work.

Instagram: @Jaime_artspace


"I try to give less importance to logic, allowing my intuition and feelings to be expressed through the canvas. When I’m taking photographs I empty my mind, becoming one with the environment.”



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