Janice Kei

Janice KeiJanice Kei

BA Contemporary Media Culture - London College of Communication, 2024

Janice Kei is an art director and photographer from Hong Kong, who specialises in capturing fashion stories and human lives with her lens and her experimental collages. Her work creates dialogues with the intangible, diving into dilemmas of philosophy, culture and emotional intensities that substantiate her consciousness. She experiments with the potentials of narrative approaches to create sensual connections with the world and invoke reflections and sentiment of the audience.

Capturing a shot is only a small part of what she does. To truly project her thoughts into reality, Kei partakes extensively in art direction and set design, creating and curating the circumstances that make up the narrative. Strongly captivated by fashion and its tell-tale capacities, she also focuses on styling the subjects as a secondary means of communicating abstract impressions. The experimental quality of postproduction furthers her means of creating the captured images anew, tweaking them into a projection of her abstract perceptions. She also appreciates the possibilities of transforming her works and their contexts through installations.

The notions of chaos, mysteries and predicaments are evident throughout Kei’s various works of photography and digital collage. Her multidisciplinary work is united by the recurring presence of oversaturation, or the completeness thereof.

Her work has been published in multiple magazines, exhibited in galleries and commissioned by international artists.

Instagram: @perdurablepain


"I hope that the audiences can examine the questions I pose in my art and gain an answer for themselves. Hopefully, it will reach a place in their brain which has not been tickled before, and unleash their subconscious minds into their realities."



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