Jarek Kubacki

Jarek KubackiJarek Kubacki

BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, 2021

For Jarek, the material comes first. He does not believe there is a bigger picture than that of the one in front of us. But the meaning that shines through is a different story. “Where does the meaning come from?” is one of the most fundamental questions concerning the artist; how a piece of wood or a scrap of canvas can become important or meaningful. Art is an alchemy of meaning, with form and process as its key tools.

The material to which Jarek always returns is retro-reflective fabric. It is a humble material that, when taken out of its context, becomes magical; even supernatural. Its unique property is that it reflects light back to its source. This fascinates Jarek because that process cannot be seen. It is only experienced peripherally, and always subjectively and singularly.

Material is a starting point but what completes the artwork is the process of its transformation. Jarek finds ways to achieve this using simple measures. Setting limitations and developing actions are his ‘tools’. Limiting the palette or the movement by layering, covering, and revealing, leaving a simple trace of an action – this is what drives his creative process.

Instagram: @jarek_kubacki


"Inspiration for all my work comes from the everyday. What I mean by that, specifically, is the nature of everyday life; the life outside of art. Work culture, commuter culture, and contemporary lifestyle culture has a big impact on my work. Reflective fabric comes from safety gear – workwear/cycling/running clothing, but has recently started appearing in fashion as well. The material fascinates me because of its philosophical implications.”



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