Egor Buimister

Egor BuimistersEgor Buimisters

BA Painting, Camberwell College of Arts 2019

Egors aims to create imagery which serve more as an independent visual text, unaffected by social or political connotations, instead introducing new ideas of existence and self-manifestation.

Working with ink on paper, accenting with watercolour or acrylics at times, Egor enjoys the direct simplicity of these materials and the precision needed to achieve the effects he's aiming for. He also enjoys the fact that these materials are close to those used by writers, feeling that this helps with the ambiguous nature of his artwork, placing him somewhere between the realms of writer and visual artist.



"T.S. Eliot’s idea of art as a way of liberation from the artist’s personality is a serious source of inspiration for me."





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