Jenny Saridi

Jenny SaridiJenny Saridi

MA Visual Arts: Illustration – Camberwell College of Arts, 2020

Jenny Saridi is a graphic designer and visual artist from Greece based in London. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Vakalo Art and Design College in Athens, she continued with a master’s degree in Visual Communication from the University of Derby as well as a MA degree in Visual Arts Illustration from the University of Arts London UAL.

She primarily draws from memory what she desires or fears, driven by her dreams and nightmares and the disturbing elements or sexual insinuations they accommodate. She often uses symbols, underlying meanings related to Greek mythology and cultural stereotypes. She also enjoys combining traditional elements with contemporary art.

Employing several materials to create multiple interpretations, she aspires to discover different ways of thinking and communicating messages. Most of her work represent childhood memories and stories, usually bringing to light personal secrets. Inspired by folk art and songs she loves to dig deep into traditions and fairy tales, expressing her feelings about life and death.

Jenny works with a variety of different media, such as embroidery, ceramics, painting, printmaking, video, photography, collage, lettering and digital drawing.


Instagram: @saridi_jenny


"I aim to highlight real life events and convey them in the form of graphic memoirs, affecting sentiment and nostalgia. I enjoy drawing people giving them the form of skeletons cause I believe that behind the different external appearance we are humans and have aspects that connect us all. Turns out that under our skin we are all made from bones."



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