Jo Pearl

Jo PearlJo Pearl

BA Ceramic Design, Central Saint Martins 2018

In an increasingly digitalised world, a return to both the skill and improvisational quality of the hand-crafted is where Jo's focus lies. Particularly interested in hand-building sculptural ceramic work rather than functional pieces, her practice is focused on coiling and modelling; stretching the tolerances of the clay. She loves the feel of the clay when working and likes to keep the freshness of the imprint of her fingers on the work.

Photographic Portraits are often Jo's jumping off point. She has produced a series of ceramic portraits of convicts based on police mug shots, using the two views to build up a coherent picture.

Citing Anthony Gormley’s exploration of man’s place in the world as well as Mario Marini and Henry Moore as inspirational figures in her working practice; Jo loves the spirit and humour of their work, their mark making and three-dimensional compositions.


"I think humans are fascinating. And life is miraculous if you are awake to its possibilities. I hope my work expresses that and intrigues people. I hope it reminds them of their own humanity."



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