Joan Uloth

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Joan UlothJoan Uloth

MA Character Animation, Central Saint Martins 2017

Overlooked every day, pigeons have had a relationship with humans for thousands of years and are even depicted on ancient tablets and temple walls. Though often described as flying rats, many people have a real liking for them perhaps a memory of a centuries old relationship with them.

Joan used to paint landscape paintings that were often only populated by pigeons but as she became interested in studying character animation she decided to do studies of just the pigeons themselves. All of the pigeons in Joan’s work are Trafalgar Square pigeons, she follows them around Trafalgar Square studying their movement and erratic walking patterns in order to capture the essence of their character in her paintings.

Each piece is painted wet onto wet a technique Joan likes for its immediacy. She finds that this medium helps her feel that she is creating a living thing rather than painting a picture of something.  Animation and oil painting have the same magic for her of creating something living and soulful from something inert.

Joan hopes that her audience take away an appreciation of the small, overlooked things in life. These pieces are unassuming works but there is joy and life in the everyday.



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