Joshua von Uexkull

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Joshua von UexkullJoshua von Uexkull

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2018

Joshua is interested in the aesthetic of Modernist abstraction within contemporary architecture and interior design. Through his painting he wants to create an interplay between the figurative image and the formal properties of abstract art.

The paintings represented by MiAL both originate from photographs, taken to emphasise the abstract qualities of the subjects- the geometric windows and flat planes of colour. Joshua was interested in the way the camera distorts the subject, flattening and reducing it to simple shapes.

Joshua works primarily in acrylic paint, which has a quicker drying time than the more traditional oil. The pressure of a fast drying times means that he has carefully plan a composition ahead, which enables him to think in abstract terms.

Awards and residencies:

RBA Rome Scholarship 2017, Semi-Finalist


"I want them to appreciate the image as something that resonates with the modern day world, while at the same time enjoying the abstract shapes and marks that it is made up of."



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