Joshua von Uexkull

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Joshua von UexkullJoshua von Uexkull

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2018

Joshua’s interest is in perspective and how by widening the perspective, you can make the viewer more of a participant in the picture, as opposed to a photograph where the viewer feels like a voyeur. By painting according to the movement of the eye that creates the space, a greater narrative and sense of time is introduced into the work. The idea behind Joshua’s work is to paint figurative pictures in a way that draws on contemporary images and abstract painting, so that the works feel like a fresh depictions of today’s world.

In each of Joshua’s piece he is trying to create a non-photographic picture feel realistic. Each of Joshua’s paintings are of scenes that he has experienced, drawn or photographed and then depicted using the language of modernist abstraction. Alex Katz is a huge influence on Joshua’s work because of how he interplays between the figurative and abstract in his work.

Joshua’s hope is that the sensation of viewing the picture will be more important than the theory behind it; that the audience will feel genuinely closer to the picture and therefore begin to consider space differently.

Joshua likes using acrylic in his work as he feels that its capabilities are not entirely exhausted yet. Working in acrylic also references some of the American abstract expressionists, and it is their pictorial language that Joshua is often appropriating.

Joshua ultimately wants to paint a contemporary approach to realism, one that is informed by abstraction and current imagery.



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