Juan Mateus

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Juan MateusJuan Mateus

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2018

Juan’s work is inspired by, among others, the work of the Chapman Brothers and their practice of defacing bank notes and old masters paintings. His pieces are a reaction to society and the world around him, each piece is an aggravated response to a specific topic that he wishes to address.

His piece ‘No Selfie’ was as a reaction to the word ‘Selfie’ being introduced in the Oxford Dictionary. The piece was created as a protest object, instead of smashing the mirror Juan covered it in Tipp-Ex therefore rendering it useless.

‘Wedding Invitation’ is a comment on commitment and romantic relationships. In this piece Juan defaces a wedding invitation with the words “I KEEP THE HOUSE” making reference to the cliché of who keeps what during a divorce process.

‘YOU MUST NOT DRAW BIG BEN’ is an image of defiance against authority and a reflection on ready-to-hang or disposable art found in museum shops and souvenir stands.

Juan intends for his work to stimulate people into thinking about topics such as self-obsession, emotional dynamics of relationships and ‘the art world’ in a more light hearted fashion and humorous manner; and to hopefully make people laugh at themselves, in a good way.





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