Juliette Stuart

Juliette Stuart Juliette Stuart 

BA Illustration and Visual Media – London College of Communications, 2020

Plaice is a line of super funky, fun, fresh accessories that Juliette designs and makes by hand in London. This is Juliette Stuart - they graduated with a first-class honours and have been officially running Plaice since the start of 2020 too.

With the pieces Juliette creates for Plaice the aim to subvert what people typically expect from functional items such as glasses, and create something purely ornamental and beautiful that is removed from its original purpose. With the earrings and glasses together they wanted to create a range of accessories that are bold and fun, bringing a dash of colour to the everyday.

Everything sold was designed, laser cut, and constructed by hand, by Juliette. Keeping the handmade element is important to - rather than paying a manufacturer to make the goods.

Juliette cares a lot about the environment, which is why all of the acrylic used is 100% recycled (and recyclable!). Upcycling acrylic is also important, with Juliette using people’s unused scrap to make earrings from their offcuts, and for this reason certain colour runs are often limited. (The only exception to the recycled acrylic is the mirrored pieces).


In July of 2020 Juliette won the UAL Creative Enterprise Awards, and was lucky enough to be accepted in to Cockpit Arts via the Make It Count programme. They won a gold award for a glasses design from the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards in 2021.

Awards and residencies:

UAL Creative Enterprise Awards (maker category), 2020

Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards (2D design conceptual jewellery category), 2021

Instagram: @plaice_plaice


" My main goal is to be able to bringing something fresh and new to the world of eyewear and accessories – with the eyewear I make I want to continue being more ambitious with form and technique and push what is typically expected from a pair of glasses. I would also love to just have people wearing my products and having my accessories to brighten their outfits and days."



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