Karen Sakashita

Karen SakashitaKaren Sakashita

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2019

Karen uses daily contact lenses in order to see the world around her. After considering how she was able to see the world Karen started upon the journey that led her to creating her current collection with MiAL. She wanted to somehow capture the daily journey that her contact lenses allowed her to experience, to stop time and be able to share the result with her audience.

By trapping her contact lenses in resin Karen is able to freeze a days captured memories and share them with whomever should choose to buy them.

Karen hopes that her audience will take the time to consider the day that the previous owner of the contact lenses may have had when they were in use. But she would also like to see her audience question her.


"I want to release my ideas. Whenever I make work I feel like I am released. I get stressed whenever I keep my ideas inside my head; and as soon as I finish making I get relieved from that feeling."



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