Karolina Gliniewicz

Karolina GliniewiczKarolina Gliniewicz

BA (Hons) Photography – London College of Communication, 2020

Karolina is an emerging photographer and founder of Miss Nothing magazine. Inspired by the world around her she explores things that are hard to see with the naked eye. In November 2017, she started @missnothingmag on Instagram; a mood board that promotes artists from around the world. The colour palette and themes have developed over time to possess feminine qualities.

Karolina always dreamt of creating her own magazine and now the whole concept has become an amazing platform, complete with a printed magazine and a gallery and exhibition space.

Instagram: @karoglina


“My passions lie in print, editorials, and book design, as well as in photography. I am always impressed by printed matter and the techniques [used to create them]. Running my own magazine, initially handmade by me and some friends at university workshops, allowed me to explore and improve my printing skills. I am always trying to improve, and hope that one day Miss Nothing will become a well-known magazine - keep your eyes peeled!”



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