Katy Nicolau

Katy NicolauKaty Nicolau

MA Visual Arts: Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2018

Begun as a project for her MA, Katy's comic depicts the relationship between twin sisters that live in a magical world.

Having been raised on stories of magical portals and headless birds intertwined with the local folklore of her country childhood home, fantasy, nature and magic continue to be Katy's strongest influences in her work. She hopes that through her illustrations she will keep alive the magical moments of childhood that we all experienced growing up, fears hopes, wonders and the course of friendships.

Working primarily in a digital format with preference for the speed and ability to repair mistakes, Katy has started to experiment with adding watercolour and mixed media to her work, building new depth and textures to her illustrations.


"I would like to keep creating stories with my illustrations as a unique piece, a sequence or even as a comic or picture book. My main goal is to communicate by creating all kinds of worlds."



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