Laura Rooney

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Laura RooneyLaura Rooney

PG Dip Design for Visual Communication, London College of Communication 2015

This project is about utilising colour to its full potential in architecture by finding examples around the world were colour plays a major role. Colour can be used functionally in architecture by conveying information to aiding navigation, spatial orientation, and as a visual mark to replace numbers or words - this can be achieved through colour coding. Colour is able to reduce apprehension in complex or large scale buildings and it can define distinct areas within a space or provide a basis for understanding the organisation of a facility.

This form of architectural expression has roots in the philosophies of the Constructivists, Neo Plasticists, and Purists. Le Corbusier who was an artist member of the latter group, developed and refined this approach in his design process and, in a paper written for students entitled ‘If I Had to Teach Architects’, he said: ‘Here is a golden rule. Use coloured pencils. With colour you accentuate, you classify, you disentangle. With black you get stuck in the mud and you are lost.’

The use of colour as function in architecture is a rarity, there aren’t many buildings in the world that place such importance on colour, when searching for examples Laura found only a handful of buildings.

Laura’s work is heavily influenced by the Swiss style so she used blocked colours and reduced the image to what was needed in order to convey the idea. She found that illustration was the best way to convey the idea as it focuses the attention on the colour without any distractions.

These pieces communicate the idea that colour is a powerful tool and can be used in more useful ways than is generally practiced. Although Laura’s work doesn’t try and force this idea onto people, if they like it for other reasons then she is happy with that too!



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