Lemie Saza

Lemie SazaLemie Saza

BA (Hons) Graphic Communications Design – Central Saint Martins, 2021

Lemie is a designer challenging the term ‘waste’ which often has a negative connotation. She believes that by combining the element of ‘design’ to objects with the word ‘waste,’ she is able to create objects with value. As the saying goes ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ By utilising items that are usually not considered ‘materials’ she tackles the current linear system of take-make-waste, into a waste-free circular system.

Lemie’s practice is informed by her background in graphic communication design, which she studied at Central Saint Martins where she learns the importance of communication not just with the audience but with the people around her. Through communication, new ideas and different perspectives are born which heightens the her work.

Awards and residencies:

Nominated for Maison 0/Green award


Instagram: @lemie.saza


"The Flow of Life wallet was designed in order to capture the narrative of the climate crisis. A wallet is an item used in a daily basis, by integrating a design of the climate crisis onto such a heavy use item, it becomes a reminder to the user every time they pull it out."



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