Livi Mills

Livi MillsLivi Mills

MA Printmaking, Camberwell College of Arts 2017

Livi's work aims to capture the space of the non-place; a space characterised by the act of passing through manifesting itself as the journey. She combines photographic and auto graphic processes to isolate and construct new, sensory landscapes; questioning the perceived antithetical relationship and the constructed space.

Inspired by various journeys that she has taken, Livi has recorded her perception of these journeys and developed it into a wider consideration of the space she passed through, the man made constructions that guided this motion.

Awards and residencies:

Bainbridge Studio Award 2017; Volcanic Editions Option Prize 2017; Zsuzsi Roboz Scholarship, Morley College 2017-18


"In my work, I would like the audience to experience a journey through my eyes; an extension of the photographic lens, capturing not only an image but also my perception of that space. In considering that journey, I would like the viewer to begin to question conventional ideas of a natural world that sits outside of man made constructions."



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