Liza Mackintosh

Liza MackintoshLiza Mackintosh

BA Fine Art Painting, Wimbledon College of Art 2015

Through her study Liza has found a focus on drawing, mark making and organic matter which has fuelled and inspired her work for over a year. Through her drawing Liza strives to achieve a visual language which communicates the intense study of form, structure and processes in the organic. The breakdown of order and the increase in chaos in the natural world is an influence that is changing and developing her work and pushing the imagery within it to reflect this increase of chaos and entropy.

This collection of work is inspired by Liza’s study of branches, shells and other organic objects. Her interest has shifted from solely studying the capturing these objects to focusing behind her on the process she works through when creating the drawings. The cycle of repeating and recycling imagery removes the language she creates from the initial subject matter. This shift of concentration has led to Liza’s pieces focusing on aspects such as decay and the complex processes of nature.


"My work encourages the audience to make a connection between the process of drawing and the effect that mark making can have on the imagination. I hope that it can be read in countless different ways; visions and memories can be projected upon my pieces, or found within their lines." 



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