Lizzie Reid

Lizzie ReidLizzie Reid

BA Illustration and Visual Media, London College of Communication 2018

Lizzie's Poetic Subconcious series focusses on encouraging a freedom in mark-making, undefined by literal symbolism, meaning or representation. Using methods of Automatism, she challenges her meticulous nature to create instinctive, spontaneous compositions, which she refers to as 'design-drawings'. These Design Drawings are simplistic, graphic compositions, sometimes featuring poetry that Lizzie has written either in response to or as inspiration for her fine art.

Lizzie's work is deeply personal, traversing the journey she has been making to understand herself. Through poetry she has been able to contextualise her thoughts and their connection to the wider world, the society we live in today, and address her own internal conversations. Issues concerning social media, mental health, family dynamics, self-awareness, race, gender, feminism, gentrification, and other political and social on-goings, all entered these conversations and have played an active role in the creation of her work.

Lizzie hopes that even without an understanding of her work, it will still provide her viewer with a space in which to reflect. A pause. A space in sight and time to consider however and whatever they wish in that moment. Ultimately she hopes to inspire others to acknowledge their subconscious thoughts, and gift themselves a freedom to express their instinctive reactions, through whichever mediums they feel necessary

Awards and residencies:

Laydeez Do Comics 'Graphic Novels in Progress', Free Word Centre, Shortlisted, 2018; Olympus Student Photography Award, Bermondsey Art Project Space, Finalist, 2018; Pitch to the Mix, Rich Mix, Winner (as Prgrm2ed Perception) 2016


"Both the people who choose to express and those who don’t, are my inspiration to be open, honest and to keep talking to myself, and others through my work."



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