Lucia Boaghe

Lucia BoagheLucia Boaghe

MA Fine Art – Chelsea College of Arts, 2021

Lucia Boaghe’s Art is about immigration as a psychological experience and as a part of contemporary life.

Her experience of immigration has an emotional impact on her work. The interest in psychology has played an important role in her practice as well. The change of national identity in a multinational environment led to the idea of translating this through sculpture, showing the psychological emptiness in a modified, distorted identity... the disappearance of national identity as a result of assimilation and influence of new cultures.

Her sculptures are in different sizes and forms, semi figurative, semi abstract. They are in small scale and very tactile, engaging the viewer to touching. She builds vessels as spaces ready to fill with new experiences and knowledge. They are made  from porcelain, representing the fragility of the inner world. The medium has his own voice in her works.

Her works explore the psychological trauma of a migrant and the excitement of a new beginning at the same time. Lucia Boaghe’s work represents the modern life of a soul with light and dark, black and white, positive and negative spaces as these are the places for creation. She’s building emotions and feelings, not objects.


She’s also fascinated by the intercultural interactions. People are making this planet a beautiful place with their differences by spreading their colours around.


Awards and residencies:

Shortlisted for New Contemporaries 2021


Instagram: @lucia_boaghe_art


"My practice is a result of my personal experience of migration. I’m exploring the idea of identity and how it’s changing... I’m interested in the inner life, the psychological aspect of intercultural experience."



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