Maddy Buttling

Maddy ButtlingMaddy Buttling

BA Fine Art - Chelsea College Of Arts, 2020

Made on a small scale, Maddy's paintings show household pets situated in intimate domestic spaces, observing both the humour and tenderness of the relationship between human and animal. "When my childhood dog, Abra, died, I painted scenes of her in our home obsessively. A repetitive, almost ritualistic, practice occurred. I began to examine the idea of memorialising animals - deification through the extravagance of oil paint. Naturally, both the ‘pet portrait’ and the ‘miniature’ can be read as ironic kitsch, but my paintings are authentically sentimental". Maddy's practice toys with the painting of animals as a genuine act of devotion.

Awards and residencies:

2020, Awarded Jackson's Painting Prize, animal category 2020, Shortlisted for Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2020, Shortlisted for The Artists' Collecting Society Studio Prize, selected as an ACS member






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