Maddy Buttling

Maddy ButtlingMaddy Buttling

BA Fine Art - Chelsea College Of Arts, 2020

On an intimate scale, Maddy's paintings reflect on the pathos of everyday life. Capturing the meme-ification of today's domestic pets, they become immortalised in the extravagance of oil paint. Through weighing the humours of animal ownership against its more poignant moments, she aims to highlight how death can elevate the beloved pet to the level of a deity.

While personal memories of her own past and present pets are often recorded, niche references also inform her work. Her fascination in online communities drives her to search obscure corners of the internet for sources.

Awards and residencies:

Nominated for Painters’ Company Scholarship, 2018; residency with art restorer Fabio Mazzocchini, 2018; shortlisted for Pocket Living’s Bollo Lane commission, 2019.






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