Magda Kuca

Portrait of MiAL Magda KucaMagda Kuca

MA Fashion Photography, London College of Fashion 2017


The theme which is constantly repeated in Magda’s artwork is that of ritualism, closeness to nature and the sense of community, represented by the individual. Magda is fascinated by the idea of analogue vs digital and through her work researches this using both historical processes and digital technology.

Magda uses a lot of historical photographic techniques in her work, such as wet plate collodion and cyanotype, and she introduces these to contemporary photography contexts as part of her practice.

Magda’s works are inspired by 19th century ethnographic photographer Frank Rinehart and Julia Margaret Cameron. She also takes a lot of inspiration from photographers such as August Sander and Richard Avedon.

From her work Magda would like her audience to realise the importance of the world we live in and how important and influential technology has become.


Awards, publications and nominations:

2nd place in Category People, Self-portrait International Photography Awards IPA 2015, Laurent of Debuts edition 2016 contemporary polish photography Doc! Photomagazine+ book launching, Honorable mention in category Fine Art, Conceptual, IPOTY 2015 International Photographer of the Year



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