Marco Pantaleoni

Marco PantaleoniMarco Pantaleoni

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2018

Marco is interested in the area of technology and new media, as strategic forms of communication, interaction and comprehension. He wants to explore the way technology influences our perception, investigating how it interprets the reality, expressing the surprising mystery of the digital uncanny. His practice brings into conversation opposing forces and challenges the boundaries between them: tradition and new, perfection and imperfection, surface and truth, human and non-human.

By using the latest 3D laser scanning technology usually used for building surveys, Marco scans human forms. He was captivated by the aesthetics of the data that the process produced. Having now experimented with the technology and pushed it to its limits he has now discovered how and when glitches and deformations occur, generating fragmented results. By combining this technology with classical painting and silk screen techniques Marco is now recreating the traditional idea of portraiture.

Awards and residencies:

Lumen Prize 2017, longlisted; Winner of the Art for the Environment International Artists Residency Programme (AER) 2017


"I see the digital data as an abstract and ephemeral entity; its nonphysical features can be appreciated mostly through digital processes and technological devices; the painting frames the computerized data, gives life and materiality to the digital image, making it fixed in time, tangible in the reality and accessible to the viewer. "



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