Maria Than

Maria ThanMaria Than

BA Graphic Design, Camberwell College of Arts 2019

Maria's project Ninety Percent Off Human Decency is an exploration of consumerist behavior with a particular focus on Black Friday sales. Famous for the violence and controversy that often surrounds the annual discount day in the US, Maria aims to understand the consumer motivations which result in often shemful consequences.

Inspired by sixties editorials and old comic book publicatiosn Maria aims to emulate the juvenile trends present in sixities fashion. Using a childish, Lolita-like Twiggy as a muse, she has represented her subject matter through the perspective of a more blissful era in history.

Using cheap materials such as sugar paper to print on adds the the physical tactility and aesthetic of her designs, transporting the viewer back to a more innocent time.


"I wish to also inspire people and designers to explore the materials and the themes which are present in my own work, as they are shared and relatable to all of us."



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