Marie Schaller

Marie SchallerMarie Schaller

MA Fashion Futures – London College of Fashion, 2021

Marie Schaller is a Fashion Design, art director and concept creator originally from France recently graduated from the MA Fashion Futures at London College of Fashion. Driven by innovation and social justice, she always used fashion to challenge the status quo and tackle social questions. After having done the renowned fashion BA in Paris: La Chambre Syndical de la Couture Parisienne, she moved to London to extend her practice and start to engage with sustainability, speculative design and new technology in Fashion. From craftivist performance to the creation of her activist collective “An Activist Lab”, she focussed her MA project on researching and experiment on activism and its relation with clothing and creative practice. Self-taught and multi-practitioner, she developed a Virtual Reality experience and Augmented Reality filters to tell that story of political empowerment as a new unique way to invite people to be immersed and actors in creative storytelling.

Today, she is working on extending this project through lectures, zine creation and serving others social projects through her bold creative vision and field knowledge. Through Made In Art London, she wishes to invite you all to engage with this empowering project and get inspired to do the same. The products presented were developed for various audiences so it offers an occasion for everyone to discover their activist self and support the unique social and creative work that has been done.


Instagram: @noone_lookingforart


"One of the things I realised is that sharing playful and creative stories is not enough for artists; activism is a trend and used to make money by the creative industry. It is time to push our concept further as creativeS and take our responsibility as civilianS to participate to structural change."



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