Mark Burden

Mark BurdenMark Burden

MA Art & Science - Central Saint Martins, 2023

Mark Burden studied Fine Art at Oxford University and Norwich University of the Arts, specialising in printmaking. After graduation he worked as a picture framer and in insurance before embarking on a career with a global IT company focusing on innovation opportunities in technology services. Burden has since incorporated the use of digital technologies into his artistic practice to create print editions and artist books.

Burden typically works in series and on a theme, which often has a site of practice at its core and combines structure and playfulness in execution. His multi-disciplinary engagement with art and science has provided different frameworks for analysing and re-evaluating his practice and given him more confidence to push boundaries.

The current body of work, including the Interior prints shown in Made in Arts London, explore observation and surveillance primarily within the constraints of an urban environment. At times, Burden will zoom in on a motif using microscopy to frame his vision and then zoom out to engage with the room and then a wider landscape. His investigations lead him to compare the natural world with the urban environment and common human-made and organic materials. Burden is interested in considering post-human perspectives and is exploring the use of NFTs and performative elements in his work.

Instagram: @markburden_art


"Humans typically have highly patterned and predictable behaviours and habits. I love my multi-disciplinary practice and exploring different themes through series. It’s work, and work creates work. Sometimes it’s possible to get a moment of freedom and insight. As an artist I love it when my work and practice give me those moments of surprise, puzzlement, poetry and insight. Maybe that’s what I’d like the audience to experience through engaging with my work."



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