Matthew Hindle

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Matthew HindleMatthew Hindle

BA Graphic Design, Camberwell College of Art 2015

Matthew has always been fascinated by identity, the characteristics that define a piece of information, and with it, the production and consumption, its cause and effect, observable in our evolving culture, as it indulges more and more into a convergent digital lifestyle. Many of his themes revolve around digital representation and pseudo manipulation that narrate the growing dissonance of our information/statistic culture.

Much of Matthews's work is created with the intention of making the viewer look more, so that his compositions reveal more, longer you study them. The main purpose of his work is to illustrate to people the bigger picture hidden within all the information we are fed on a daily basis

With a universal appreciation for the work involved in the creative process, this in turn becomes Matthew's inspiration in itself and helps each piece gain it’s own identity in a collective.

Awards and residencies:

Accolade Global Film Award


"I’m inspired by the ability to work in a diverse range of mediums as it allows me to communicate, process and produce the same idea in an altered state of the thought process during the different creation process."



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