Mikéla Henry-Lowe

Portrait of MiAL Mikéla Henry-LoweMikéla Henry-Lowe

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2016


Mikéla’s work focuses on the representation of black women in society and on social media. Mikéla wants her work to bring attention to the more positive and celebratory image of a black woman other than the usual westernised representation of them; that of being overly sexualized, gold digger, angry black woman, jezebel etc.

Each of the paintings show different personalities of black women and are inspired by the fact that a lot of black women are open in expressing their African culture and heritage. Her work uses vivid, vibrant colours and plays with African prints from the head wraps the women wear.

Mikéla’s hope that from her work her audience will gain an understanding that beauty comes in all shades, and sense of belonging in being able to see themselves in the portraits.

Awards and nominations:

Selected for the Clyde and Co Art Award 2016


"I would like black women to see themselves as beautiful in their natural form, meaning not having to try and meet society’s very unrealistic goals of Europeanised beauty. I want to break the standard of the representation of black women and that although I say I mainly paint black women it doesn’t need to be extremely politicised. I noticed there was a gap and I wanted to fill that. To simply put it, my work is a celebration of black women. Period."



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