Millie Richmond

Millie Richmond Millie Richmond

BA Fine Art Painting – Camberwell College of Arts, 2022

Millie Richmond is a fine artist who’s work cuts open words and metaphors to depict human nature and expose the emotion within the relationship between language and imagery.

Explored through subversive modes of storytelling via mixed media and textiles, the viewer is led to a space which exists somewhere between fantasy and reality. This space is a vital destination for Richmond’s works, leaving the viewer hints of the everyday amongst the surreal and the uncanny to create works that are both humorous and raw.

Inspired by ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ by Milan Kundera and the concept of being light and heavy in relation to the earth, her work is tied to reality whilst it floats above it at the same time; embodying these two states simultaneously. The Canvas Collage works bring together text, imagery and materiality capturing moments in time and depicting stories that create an experience for the viewer.

Richmond likes to view her works as objects, story objects that contain emotions and narratives that can then be transferred over to the person who stands before it. We are all one and the same, we experience the same range of emotions and Richmond’s work aims to bring attention to this likeness us all.


"The rough sewing heavily informs the hand-made quality, the hand is not hidden from the viewer it is proudly sitting there to be seen. I am always drawn to works with look hand-made as the human connection creates a vulnerability that is not the same when the hand is hidden."


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