Molly Brocklehurst

Molly BrocklehurstMolly Brocklehurst

MFA, Wimbledon College of Arts 2019

Emerging from her collection of found photographs gathered from flea markets and antique shops from across England. She is drawn to the ambiguity of the people in the photos, each begging a fiction which will become a painting.

Each of Molly's paintings reincarnates past experience, memories that have been lost or forgotten. She investigates the idea of memories, defining how they are not exact records of events, being instead reconstructed after events have happened. Playing around with the idea of distorted memories, violating the boundaries between past and present, Molly's work breathes nostalgia. The paintings become strange fictions that blur the boundary between document and storytelling.

Awards and residencies:

Dentons Art Prize, 2018, Shortlisted; UAL Vice Chancellor's Post Graduate Scholarship, 2017; East Street Arts, 2016; Aon Community Art Awards, 2016


"I want the familiar to seem unfamiliar. I want to attempt to trigger a feeling or memory within the viewer by using old evocative imagery to cross the boundary between nostalgia and the anticipation of the unknown."



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