Mustafa Boga

Portrait of MiAL Mustafa BogaMustafa Boga

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2016


In Turkey, military service is mandatory for all Turkish men when they turn 18. This duty involves extensive training. While the government spends a lot of money to maintain these bases, the need for them is questionable. Some of the duties involve guarding inanimate objects such as radiators or fridges, just to give the soldiers something to do. Mustafa’s series of collages show the simple daily duties in a military base.

Mustafa also projects his own inner world onto the pieces by using mythological, sexual and religious connotations. His works reflects influences from other artists such as Patrick Caulfield, Richard Hamilton, Julian Opie and Michael Craig Martin.

Although Mustafa has a previous degree in journalism he sees himself first and foremost as a filmmaker. He is interested in being a witness to events and passing these true stories onto his audience. He works across multiple mediums in his work, and experiments in how best to get his stories across.

Awards, residencies and nominations:

Winner of Red Mansion Art Prize, UK/China, 2016, Selected to perform at Royal Academy conjunction with Ai Weiwei exhibition, UK, 2015, Selected to attend workshops with Isaac Julian and Mark Nash in 56th Venice Biennale, 2015, Selected to attend to Paradox Biennial, Art Residency, Poznan, Poland, 2015, Nomination for Audience Award, Thurrock Int. Film Festival, UK, 2013, Winner of Best in Show, West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival, USA, 2012, Nomination for Best Film, SHORTCUTZ Film Festival, UK, 2012, Finalist, Harmony International Short Film Festival, Australia, 2012


"I have always been interested in finding a story when it reflects the nature of the human condition. Answering the question ‘who are we?’ is a way of creating a portrait, and my aim is to look at people with a journalistic perspective. What I have realized is that, though we are generally aware of our identity, we are less conscious of how social pressures affect us."



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