Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Nabod Jenni JonesNabod

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2017


The initial inspiration for Nabod’s screen prints came from a publication by Welsh museum Oriel Ynys Mon, which depicts Welsh costume in the nineteenth-century. Nabod’s pieces are derived from a combination of sketches and imaginative development drawings based on the models poses within this publication.

The work relates to the theme of cultural identity, with influence not only coming from Welsh tradition dress but also from Welsh folk songs, this can be seen in her piece ‘Morio’ which is the Welsh word for sailing.

Nabod also make reference to cultural gestures pertaining to the western world such as the ‘tip of the hat’, a gesture to express recognition, respect or simple salutation.

The intention of Nabod’s work is to evoke playful interpretation of historic traditions.She reinvents sources such as folk songs, museum collections and folklore and places them into new imaginary platforms.





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