Neal Camilleri

Neal CamilleriNeal Camilleri

BA Ceramic Design - Central Saint Martins, 2024

Neal Camilleri is a Maltese, London-based artist who creates sculptures, installations and videos. Primarily working with hand building, he communicates the whole process of the material in the final object. His main focus is within the art and design form, where he repeatedly returns to a conclusion where he embodies the human characteristics within our past, even those that had been forgotten or never seen with our own eye.

Camilleri is fascinated by the language of artefacts, architectural decoration, ornaments, culture and cartoon animation, within which he enjoys challenging and demonstrating the infinite possibilities of clay.

Instagram: @neal_camilleri


"I hope to contribute to a community's identity and bring joy to people by stimulating thought and reason within public space and workshops."



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