Neda Borisova Yankova

Neda Borisova YankovaNeda Borisova Yankova

BA Fashion Illustration and Imaging – London College of Fashion, 2022

Neda Yankova is a fashion illustrator whose work is an exploration of colour and movement. Taking fashion and clothing as her jumping-off points, her illustrations seek to capture atmosphere and feeling, to demonstrate the influence that garments can have on our felt experience. The medium she prefers working with is watercolour pencils, which applied to paper produce bold lines and vibrant colours. Her aim is to define movement and detail within her work with a light and airy touch, focusing on colours and shapes and keeping the illustrations as elegant and simple as possible.

For these illustrations in particular, she was captivated by the way models wore garments on the runway – the way those garments fall over their bodies, move and flow in the space around them. What makes a piece of clothing sensational and what makes it a piece of art? – this is how the artist approaches their work, whatever they create – How could one create an illustration that is both light and elegant, as well as thoughtful?


Instagram: @nedayankova_


"Watercolour pencils enable me to draw fast, which is essential if I aim to capture movement – the bold, vibrant colours make the illustration defined, while the uneven lines make the illustration feel as if it is about to move."


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