Neuza da Silva Matias

Neuza da Silva MatiasNeuza da Silva Matias

BA Fine Art Painting - Camberwell College of Arts, 2023

Born in the land of the delicious Pastéis de Nata and currently based in London, Neuza Matias is a Portuguese painter whose work dives in colors and stirring compositions.

From painting, to sculpture, drawings, (sometimes) ceramics and whatever she finds peculiar, the “innocence” and irony of exploring patterns of contemporary culture, crossing high art themes or just traditional subjects, as if they were narrated through the eyes of children is the conducting wire that links all of her works and imaginative compositions.

Currently taking a BA in Painting at University of The Arts London, Camberwell, Neuza’s work combines her interest in art-history with a child-like, playful and unapologetic approach to digest how she sees the world. Large scale depictions on canvas, almost as performances, has lead her to discover and explore even more the freedom of painting with no fears, as if she was a child all over again, living in such a “messy” world.


Instagram: @neuza.matias


"The chosen works are fruits of quick and expressive compositions made from the desire of painting, of seeing colours emerging and a story building hers."


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