Nibras Al-Salman

Nibras Al-Salman

BA Ceramic Design - Central Saint Martins, 2023

Nibras Al-Salman’s Middle Eastern background and sensibility, and his engineering training, often manifest in his work. Decay and destruction, particularly in reference to buildings, seem to have special impact. This could be influenced by the decayed historic buildings in his native Iraq and the recent wars in the Middle East that have imposed a high price on life and living conditions. Curiously, there is beauty in decayed structures.

There is a sense of order and formality in the work which Al-Salman attributes to a Middle Eastern influence. Patterns and geometry often emerge, creating a rhythm that provides movement and unity. Al-Salman also identifies an austere quality in his work; there is an attempt to reduce adornment and decoration.

Some of the issues tackled by Al-Salman include the role of the war industry in promoting war, immigration and disconnection, censorship and environmental degradation.

Al-Salman was first selected for our shop by our 2021 panel and again in 2023.

Instagram: @nibrasnibras8


"The visual display / depiction is alluring and engaging for the viewer to decipher on different levels. The combination of surface pattern, glaze and form is cohesive and meaningful and very effectively communicates the overarching concept." - UAL



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